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Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps

An air source heat pump (ASHP) is a heating and cooling system that uses outside air as its heat source and heat sink.  Cheap and easy to install, an ASHP is a proven green heating technology.

What are air source heat pumps?

Despite what you may think, we are surrounded by energy, regardless of the weather conditions. Heat pumps use conventional refrigeration technology to convert latent heat (contained within the air) into heat energy that can be used to provide heating and hot water.

Air source heat pumps are among the most efficient heating and hot water systems available. Almost 75% of the energy needed for heating comes from the environment.

When we talk about an air source heat pump installation we are talking about a heat pump unit and a heat distribution and storage system. Heat pumps usually supply conventional radiators in your home.

What savings are to be made with air source heat pumps?

Correctly installed air source heat pumps can create annual savings on fuel bills. For example, a Grant Aerona heat pump can deliver up to 4.1kW (depending on the model) of energy for every 1kW used to run the unit.

How much can it cost to install an air source heat pump?

A complete air source heating system including new radiators and pipework starts from around £7500 depending on house size etc

Why choose Greentech for air source heat pumps?

We have expert knowledge in house and will quote for the proper equipment that will provide the necessary output. The design and specification of air source heat pumps is imperative to ensure that savings are made. Incorrectly designed installations will cost you money! This is why many installations have appeared on programmes such as Watchdog. Air Source heat pumps will work, but only if they are used in the right application with the correct specification. We guarantee that we will design your heat pump installation exactly to the manufacturers specification, with proper drawings and calculations. You will be given a pack with all of these calculations in.

We have links with all of the major air source heat pump equipment manufacturers to offer a full range including Mitsubishi, Grant and NIBE.

Our after sales service is second to none, all customers receive a full 12 month warranty, with the option to take up our insurance service after the warranty has lapsed.