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Ground Source Heat Pumps (Geothermal Heating)

Ground Source Heat Pumps (Geothermal Heating)

A ground source heat pump system harnesses heat from underground by pumping water through it. The heat pump then increases the temperature, and the heat is used to provide home heating or hot water.  Geothermal heating is a proven green technology.

What are ground source heat pumps?

Ground source heat pumps work in a similar fashion to air source heat pumps, except  that the energy used to produce heat is taken from the ground.

Despite what you may think, we are surrounded by energy, regardless of the weather conditions. Heat pumps use conventional refrigeration technology to convert latent heat (contained within the air) into heat energy that can be used to provide heating and hot water.

Heat pumps are among the most efficient heating and hot water systems available. Almost 75% of the energy needed for heating comes from the environment.

When we talk about a ground source heat pump installation we are talking about a heat pump unit and a heat distribution and storage system. Heat pumps usually supply conventional radiators in your home. With a ground source heat pump installation there is a requirement to drill into the ground to obtain the energy required. This is a specialist operation that needs careful planning and design. We can handle all of these design requirements for you.

What savings are to be made with a ground source heat pump?

Similar to an air source heat pump, the ground source pump will create far more energy than it uses. For example, a Dimplex GSHP will produce domestic hot water to 60 degrees C with no need for supplementary heating.

How much can it cost to install a ground source heat pump?

Because of the complexities of installation of a GSHP system, every system is subject to a tailored quotation.

Why choose Greentech for ground source heat pumps?

We have expert knowledge in house and will quote for the proper equipment that will provide the necessary output.

The installation of GSHP systems is highly specialised and involves geothermal calculations. Status Greentech has the expertise and infrastructure to ensure that all specialist requirements are met.

We have links with all of the major GSHP equipment manufacturers to offer a full range including Dimplex and Calorex.