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Mechanical Ventilation / Heat Recovery

Mechanical Ventilation / Heat Recovery

Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) provides fresh air and improved climate control, while also saving energy by reducing heating (and cooling) requirements.

What is mechanical ventilation and heat recovery?

We are constantly being encouraged to insulate our homes from the outside, to improve heat retention and save money on gas/electric bills. However, as houses become more and more efficient in terms of insulation, the movement of air is being reduced. Most people do not realise that indoor air should be replaced with outdoor air every two hours to keep it clean.

An effective ventilation system within a property will achieve this, whilst at the same time protecting the building itself against condensation, mould and airborne pollutants.

Heat recovery is a process of continuously preheating incoming cool air by warming it with the outgoing exhaust air.

By using properly placed grilles and heat recovery heat exchangers, we can achieve all of the above.

What savings are to be made with mechanical ventilation and heat recovery?

Clearly by recovering the “waste” exhaust air from your house and reusing it, you are cutting down on the requirement of gas and electric to heat your property.

How much can it cost to install mechanical ventilation and heat recovery?

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery from £2000 (basic system with limited outlets)

Why choose Greentech for mechanical ventilation and heat recovery?

We have expert knowledge in house and will quote for the proper equipment that will provide the necessary output. With nearly 40 years in the warm air and ventilation industry, there is no one better placed to give you the correct advice.

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