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Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal energy (STE) is an innovative technology for harnessing solar energy for thermal energy (heat).  Status Greentech can offer a fully customised, affordable, efficient solution.

What is solar thermal?

When we talk about solar thermal installations we are talking about installing solar panels that use the power of the sun to heat your hot water. This hot water is stored in a cylinder, much the same way as a conventional heating system.

All solar heating systems are highly versatile, enabling them to be used for a variety of applications from small apartments to large commercial installations. Status Greentech have installed solar thermal systems on a whole variety of buildings, including a large apartment block.

What savings are to be made with solar thermal?

By heating your hot water using solar thermal technology you are removing the requirement to heat your water by gas or electric. This saving can amount to several hundreds of pounds, especially if you use a lot of hot water.

How much can it cost to install solar thermal?

Dependant on numerous factors, such as house size, location and hot water requirement, but anywhere from £4000 upwards.

Why choose Greentech for solar thermal?

We have expert knowledge in house and will quote for the proper equipment that will provide the necessary output. We won’t just throw in the cheapest equipment. We have links with all of the major solar equipment manufacturers to offer a full range including Worcester-Bosch, Grant, Schuco and Kingspan.

Our after sales service is second to none, all customers receive a full 12 month warranty, with the option to take up our insurance service after the warranty has lapsed. We also offer an annual health check service for solar installations, which includes a full system check and a refill of solar fluid.

We hope to look after our installations for many years, giving our customers piece of mind.

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Solar Thermal Case Studies

Boiler attachment
Solar Panels for Apartment Block

Status recently completed the design and installation of Solar powered water heating for a number of apartments in a block in Birmingham for a Private landlord.